About - Lorena Benatti

Experience combined with professionalism

In 2011, the production experience of Stambecco srl gave birth to Lorena Benatti, an extremely coherent and above all modern knitwear brand.

Behind it, Stambecco, a solid Italian company that produces knitwear of unquestionable quality thanks to an ever-increasing know-how and the use of the best yarns of the moment, thus creating garments that are timeless in time and style.

Lorena Benatti always likes to push the envelope, experiment and innovate, while remaining true to herself, with the certainty of always proposing high quality and trendy collections.

Lorena Benatti plays with colours, stitches and decorations and, exploiting the very nature of the material, lends itself more and more to avant-garde treatments and finishes. Lorena Benatti is a point of reference for all those who love to be wrapped up in a natural weave, knitwear.

Lorena Benatti is the irreverence that lights up a soft and extremely feminine sensuality with originality. It is in the unpredictable looks, in the unusual combinations of geometries and colours that often explode over classic shapes and perfect cuts. Between merino wool cardigans, cashmere turtlenecks and enveloping cotton yarn blouses enriched with tailoring details, the Lorena Benatti collection reinvents itself according to fashion trends without neglecting any kind of requirement.

Leather knows, wearing a quality garment is an absolute experience, and Lorena Benatti has always pursued the philosophy of excellence by selecting raw materials with great attention to every detail: fineness, provenance and length of fibre. Lorena Benatti where style and craftsmanship go hand in hand, also combining with the innovative and technological aspect, in a perfect combination of typically Made in Italy taste, the care of manual work and the German precision of Stoll ADF machinery.

Each garment is subjected to a strict quality control. Our staff can recognise production defects in garments and fabrics and provide an accurate report, with cards and reports certifying the finding of any anomalies. The warm embrace of a pure cashmere jumper, the style of a 100% made in Italy cardigan, or the timeless charm of a stole in fine yarns that remains perfectly intact over time, are guarantees that only Made in Italy quality
Lorena Benatti, can give.

Style office: where valuables are born

details of femininity

In Lorena Benatti's style office, creativity, new languages and attention to the latest trends create a peculiar symbiosis. A winning fusion that characterises Lorena Benatti's distinctive traits: efficiency, in-depth knowledge of the sector, also from an international perspective. The Lorena Benatti woman: feminine, contemporary and dynamic. A woman with 'rebellious sensuality' that shines through in every detail, from the smallest embroidery to cuts and lines that dress with ease.

Style has always been one of the cornerstones of Made in Italy around the world, we boast a level of passion, research, productivity and quality that is hard to find elsewhere.

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